News for August, 2016

AUGUST 30, 2016

10 interesting facts about criminal justice

Julian Roberts tells us the top ten things everyone should know about criminal justice ...

AUGUST 26, 2016

A Copernican eye-opener

Owen Gingeric explains how writing about Copernicus helped to see this important figure through a difference lens ...

AUGUST 25, 2016

What's new in August 2016

Three new Very Short Introductions have been published online: Copernicus, Molecular Biology, and Public Administration ...

AUGUST 15, 2016

Some very short reflections on social psychology

Richard J. Crisp explores how we can use social psychology to tackle prejudice ...

AUGUST 9, 2016

Rio 2016: evidence of greatness or a bid for recognition?

Andrew F. Cooper looks at whether the experience of Rio 2016 can tell us anything about the status of the BRICS — one of the most important economic groupings in the world ...

AUGUST 2, 2016

This year’s other elections

Donald A. Ritchie explains why there is a lot more at stake for the United States in 2016 than just the presidency ...