Global future challenges, twists, and surprises

March 31, 2017

An excerpt from an OUPblog article published on 31st March 2017, written by Jennifer M. Gidley, author of The Future: A Very Short Introduction.

The Future: A Very Short Introduction

"Fom time immemorial, humans have yearned to know what lies ahead.

Setting the context is a three thousand year romp through the ‘history of the future’ illustrating how our forebears tried to influence, foretell, or predict it. Examples extend from the prophets and sibyls, to Plato and Cicero, from the Renaissance to the European Enlightenment. By the Second World War scientific attempts to predict the future were being developed by the US military-industrial complex. By the mid-20th century, future methods were mostly concerned with State planning and war scenarios in the USA, the USSR, and Germany, extending into the Cold War period."

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