Did branding predict Brexit?

June 23, 2017

An excerpt from an OUPblog article published on 16th June 2017, written by Robert Jones, author of Branding: A Very Short Introduction.

Branding: A Very Short Introduction

"Branding predicted Brexit. This bald assertion points to a fascinating truth about the art of branding. Because branding feeds on, and feeds into, popular culture, it’s often a leading indicator of bigger, political phenomena. Where branding leads, the rest of us follow. Let me explain.

2016 was the year of populism. Among other things, the phenomenon of Brexit and Trump was a popular backlash against globalisation – the corporate mainstream of the last 30 years. It signalled the end of an era: the political and economic consensus that started with Thatcherism in Britain and Reaganomics in America. Suddenly, people rose up against the negative effects of globalisation – the inequalities it has produced, and its failure in the last ten years to increase household incomes..."

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