10 facts about spirituality

August 4, 2017

An excerpt from an OUPblog article published on 21st July 2017, written by Philip Sheldrake, author of Spirituality: A Very Short Introduction.

Spirituality: A Very Short Introduction

"What does spirituality really mean? Is spirituality distinct from religion? Why is spirituality becoming increasingly popular and how has the term evolved and used today from its Christian roots? Philip Sheldrake, author of Spirituality: A Very Short Introduction, talks about what he thinks are the top 10 facts everyone should know about spirituality.

1. ‘Spirituality’ stands for lifestyles and practices that embody a vision of human existence and how the human spirit is to achieve its full potential.

2. During the last quarter of the twentieth century, the concept of spirituality moved well beyond its origins in Christianity and even beyond religion itself. It is now a broadly based quest for spiritual experience and spiritual practices expressed in a variety of ways. The term spirituality is being increasingly used in the professional world such as healthcare and business ..."

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