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First, I would like to thank Latha Menon for suggesting that I should write this book, I was delighted to have the opportunity, and thanks also for her skilful editorial guidance. Emma Ma gave me much practical advice. Cecilia Brassett, head of University of Cambridge Clinical Anatomy Department, was meticulous in her review of the text. I am also grateful to my fellow senior demonstrators Humphrey Adair and John Fergus for their helpful comments. Emily Evans has made a signal contribution with her excellent drawings.

My wife Naomi and son Paul, Professor of Immunology in the Nuffield Department of Medicine, University of Oxford, were a source of continual help, criticism, and encouragement throughout, while my other son, David, Professor in the Chemistry Department at the University of Cambridge acted as a lay reader, as did Professor Mike Ashby of the Engineering Department at the University of Cambridge.