Find out what's new in May

May 28, 2015

Discover the four newest titles added to Very Short Introductions online:

  • Crime Fiction: A Very Short Introduction, by Richard Bradford, explores the history of ‘crime fiction’ and the various definitions of the genre and considers how it has developed over time.
  • Forests: A Very Short Introduction, by Jaboury Ghazoul, explores our contrasting interactions with forests, as well as their origins, dynamics, and the range of goods and services they provide to human society.
  • Microscopy: A Very Short Introduction, by Terence Allen, describes the scientific principles behind the main forms of microscopy and the exciting new developments and technological advances in the field.  
  • Roman Britain: A Very Short Introduction (new edition), by Peter Salway, brings together archaeological investigation and historical scholarship to explore some of the key events of this period in Britain's history whilst also providing alternative theories to the end of the Roman period in Britain. 

                    Crime Fiction: A Very Short Introduction            Forests: A Very Short Introduction           Microscopy: A Very Short Introduction           Roman Britain: A Very Short Introduction          


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