Find out which books have been added in September

September 24, 2015

Six new titles have been added to Very Short Introductions in September. Discover more below:

  • The Enlightenment: A Very Short Introduction by John Robertson offers a concise historical introduction to the Enlightenment as an intellectual movement of eighteenth-century Europe.
  • Law: A Very Short Introduction (new edition) by Raymond Wacks introduces the major branches of the law, with this second edition considering the pressures of globalization and digitalization and the nature of the law in our culture of threatened security and surveillance.
  • Light: A Very Short Introduction by Ian A. Walmsley discusses early attempts to explain light, how light was recognized as an electromagnetic wave, and the 20th-century development of the quantum mechanics view of wave–particle duality.
  • Medieval Literature: A Very Short Introduction by Elaine Treharne provides a compelling account of the emergence of the earliest literature in Britain and Ireland.
  • Mountains: A Very Short Introduction by Martin F. Price outlines why mountains matter globally, addressing the impacts of climate change on hydrological and ecological systems.
  • Philosophy in the Islamic World: A Very Short Introduction by Peter Adamson explores the history of philosophy among Muslims, Jews, and Christians living in Islamic lands, from its historical background to thinkers in the twentieth century.

The Enlightenment       Law        Light       Medieval Literature       Mountains       Philosophy in the Islamic World

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