What's new in October 2018

October 25, 2018

This month sees a new edition of Psychiatry: A Very Short Introduction publish, alongside three new introductions. Find out more below:

  • Adam Smith: A Very Short Introduction, by Christopher J. Berry, offers a view of this seminal thinker, embedding his defence of free trade, competition, and assault on special interests in contemporary history, politics, and philosophy.
  • Glaciation: A Very Short Introduction, by David J. A. Evans, offers an overview of glaciers and ice sheets as systems, considering the role of geomorphology and sedimentology in studying them, and their impacts on our planet.
  • Napoleon: A Very Short Introduction, by David A. Bell, provides a concise and lively portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte’s character and career, situating him firmly in historical context.
  • Psychiatry: A Very Short Introduction (new edition), by Tom Burns, explores the nature of psychiatry, focusing on what it can and cannot do, and discussing why its history has been beset by dramatic shifts in emphasis and types of treatment.

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