Military Psychology

November 8, 2018

Examining the way the mind works has been an essential part of combat and war since humans started fighting each other. But more recently, more concern has been given to the overall effects of combat to anyone involved: Victors of war can still feel like they've lost something, physically unharmed soldier can still sustain traumatic mental wounds. This presents a unique challenge to civilian practitioners trying to treat military personnel.

This month, Oxford Clinical Psychology is highlighting research dedicated to military and rehabilitation psychology, focusing on the effects of combat and how to best help treat and rehabilitate military personnel that require mental health care. Explore our resources covering topics like treating PTSD, diverity issues, and ethical concerns.

Essential Reading

Introduction to COPE 
Learn more about COPE treatment and how it can help clients with PTSD and a co-occurring alcohol and/or drug use disorder

Working with Special Operations Forces 
What barriers do psychologists face when working with Special Operations Forces?

Mindfulness-based therapies 
Why trauma therapists should engage with mindfulness before they use it to treat their clients

Individual and Cultural Diversity 
Advocating for the consideration of diversity issues in everyday practice of rehabilitation psychology

Unique Challenges Facing Military Families 
Military life can put strain on family relationships, but there are mechanisms of resilience that have been proposed as benefiting military families

Ethical Issues in the Treatment of Suicidal Military Personnel and Veterans 
When providing services to active duty military personnel, mental health professionals may face different ethical issues than they have encountered in treating civilians

From the OUPBlog and Academic Journals

The Stigma of Mental Health Problems in the Military 
Addressing the perceived stigma associated with admitting a mental health problem and seeking help for it in the military

The Last and Greatest Battle 
Exploring the long history of war, PTSD, and military suicides

The Combined Effect of Sleep Duration and Quality on Mental Health Among Republic of Korea Armed Forces 
Promoting better mental health by minimizing negative sleep factors for soldiers

Traumatic brain injury in the military 
What happens when soldiers are diagnosed with TBI

Historical Overview

Go back through history to learn more about the role military psychology has played in U.S. military operations since World War I. Information taken from Military Psychologists' Desk Reference.