Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of VSI

January 16, 2020

In 2020 we are celebrating 25 years since the launch of the 'Very Short Introduction' series.

To mark the occasion, throughout the year we will be featuring one VSI each month, and we're starting our anniversary year with 'Knowledge: A Very Short Introduction' by Jennifer Nagel.

How it works: For each featured title we will provide free access to the first chapter as well as a reading guide with questions for thought and discussion, written by the author. Over the course of the month we will post additional content on our Facebook group around the featured title to help foster discussion. Read at your own pace, in a group or by yourself, and leave your comments and thoughts on Facebook.

You can also join the party on social media with #VSI25.

Read the first chapter of 'Knowledge: A Very Short Introduction':

Knowledge: A Very Short Introduction



Knowledge always belongs to some individual or group and the knowledge of a group may go beyond the knowledge of its individual members. The ‘Introduction’ focuses on the kind of knowledge that is a link between a person and a fact. What is it for someone to know something, rather than merely believe it? Is there a difference? Knowledge links a subject to a truth.

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Download the reading guide to discover questions for thought and discussion, written by the author.