Why research needs to be published in new and accessible formats [Blog]

June 15, 2020

Senior commissioning editor, Latha Menon's recent blog post 'Why research needs to be published in new and accessible formats' discusses the importance of condensing complicated information and important research into new, accessible, and digestible formats in order to reach a wide and diverse audience.

VSI Titles


"Technological advancements, accessibility needs, and study practices have and will continue to develop at a rapid pace. We find, use, and publish research completely differently than we did 25 years ago. But Oxford University Press has been publishing Very Short Introductions throughout this period. Launched in 1995, these publications offer concise introductions to a diverse range of subjects, written by experts to make challenging topics highly readable. As the series turned 25, we spoke to the series’ senior commissioning editor, Latha Menon, to see how it has stood the test of time..."

Discover more: Read the rest of the article on the OUPblog.


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