What's new in August 2020

August 20, 2020

Three new Introductions have been published online this month. Find out more:

  • Ecology: A Very Short Introduction, by Jaboury Ghazoul, explains the history of ecology, the principles of ecological thinking, how ecology affects our everyday lives, and how it guides environmental decisions, especially in the light of current and future environmental challenges.
  • The Ghetto: A Very Short Introduction, by Bryan Cheyette, provides an overview of the history of the ghetto, focusing on specific times and places throughout history. Is the ghetto real or imagined? There is no single idea or place which encompasses ‘the ghetto’.
  • Philosophical Method: A Very Short Introduction, by Timothy Williamson, looks at the history of philosophy, including examples from history charting the successes and failures of philosophical thinking. This VSI provides a contemporary look at philosophical methodology, asking if philosophy is always an ‘armchair-based’ discipline or if real-life thought experiments can help us solve philosophical problems.

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                              Ecology: A Very Short Introduction               The Ghetto: A Very Short Introduction               Philosophical Method: A Very Short Introduction