VSI 25: November 2020

November 2, 2020

Continuing our #VSI25 celebration of 25 years of the 'Very Short Introduction' series, for November we're discussing truths universally acknowledged and giving you free access to the first chapter of Bernard O'Donoghue's 'Poetry: A Very Short Introduction'

How it works: For each featured title we provide free access to the first chapter as well as a reading guide with questions for thought and discussion, written by the author. Over the course of the month we will post additional content on our Facebook group around the featured title to help foster discussion. Read at your own pace, in a group or by yourself, and leave your comments and thoughts on Facebook.

Explore the ways poetry has been defined and regarded over the ages with the first chapter of 'Poetry: A Very Short Introduction':

Poetry: A Very Short Introduction


Truths universally acknowledged

‘Truths universally acknowledged’ considers some of the ways poetry has been defined and regarded over the ages, and the various things that have been proposed as indispensable to it. A long-established argument is between two schools of belief about the nature of poetry and what it is for: whether its object is pleasure or something more practical...

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