What's new in November 2020

November 26, 2020

Six new Introductions have been published online this month. Find out more:

  • Enzymes: A Very Short Introduction, by Paul Engel, explores enzymes, the tiny molecular machines that make life possible. This VSI explains how this works, before going on to reveal how these catalysts of such extraordinary power and exquisite selectivity have evolved.
  • Global Islam: A Very Short Introduction, by Nile Green, looks at the methods used by individuals, organizations, and states to spread multiple versions of Islam around the world. How have today’s broadcasting and smartphone technologies changed the face of global Islam?
  • Montaigne: A Very Short Introduction, by William M. Hamlin, provides an overview of Michel de Montaigne’s life, thought, and writing. This VSI situates Montaigne’s influential Essays within his lived experience.
  • Religion: A Very Short Introduction, by Thomas A. Tweed, offers a concise and fair account of the vast topic of religion, incorporating insights from different scholarly fields while also respectfully representing diverse religions and varying viewpoints.
  • Th U.S. Civil War: A Very Short Introduction, by Louis P. Masur, covers a period in American history characterized by decades of intensifying conflict over slavery and government authority, culminating in Abraham Lincoln’s election and eleven states seceding from the Union.
  • Volcanoes: A Very Short Introduction, by Jan Zalasiewicz and Michael J. Branney, explains how volcanoes work and how volcanologists forensically decipher the processes involved. This VSI also considers how volcanoes interact with other physical processes on the Earth, with life, and with human society.

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                       Enzymes: A Very Short Introduction               Global Islam: A Very Short Introduction             Montaigne: A Very Short Introduction

                       Religion: A Very Short Introduction               U.S. Civil War: A Very Short Introduction             Volcanoes: A Very Short Introduction