What's new in November 2021

November 25, 2021

Four new Introductions have been published this month. Find out more:

  • The Arctic: A Very Short Introduction, by Klaus Dodds and Jamie Woodward, provides an account of the Arctic, its physical environment, and its people. This VSI explores the key issues facing the region today, from geopolitics to global warming.  

  • The History of Political Thought: A Very Short Introduction, by Richard Whatmore, explores the core concerns and questions in the history of political thought. It analyses the ongoing relevance for current politics by assessing the current relationship between political history, theory, and action.  

  • Pakistan: A Very Short Introduction, by Pippa Virdee, describes Pakistan as one of the two-nation-states of the Indian subcontinent that emerged in 1947. It looks at the ancient past to understand the complex tapestry of linguistic, ethnic, political, and cultural identities and tensions of the region today.   

  • The Virgin Mary: A Very Short Introduction, by Mary Joan Winn Leith, describes the evolution of Marian thought from early Christianity to the present day. This VSI also aims to correct common misunderstandings and unquestioned assumptions about the Virgin Mary.

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           The Arctic: A Very Short Introduction               The History of Political Thinking: A Very Short Introduction               Pakistan: A Very Short Introduction               The Virgin Mary: A Very Short Introduction