What's new in March 2022

March 24, 2022

The Very Short Introductions series has covered many topics over the years from Molecules to Classics and Buddhism to Silent Film and we are excited to share that the Very Short Introductions has published its 700th title! Watch our video reveal to find out what the 700th title is, here.

Four new Introductions have also been published this month. Find out more:

  • Elizabeth Bishop: A Very Short Introduction, by Jonathan F. S. Post, describes Elizabeth Bishop as one of the best-loved 20th-century poets in English. It talks about the descriptive vigour of her verse and its underlying themes of the environment, of balance, and of love and loss. 
  • Employment Law: A Very Short Introduction, by David Cabrelli, provides an overview of the main kinds of employment rights and labour laws around the world. It also evaluates the assumptions underpinning these and considers their economic, political, sociological, and social justifications. 
  • Human Resource Management: A Very Short Introduction , by Adrian Wilkinson, describes how the key players and watershed moments in labour history shaped the state of human resource management today 
  • Violence: A Very Short Introduction, by Philip Dwyer, examines the physical acts of violence in the modern world, describing it as one of humanity’s most enduring traits and a phenomenon that all cultures and societies share. 


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     Elizabeth Bishop: A Very Short Introduction     Employment Law: A Very Short Introduction     Human Resource Management: A Very Short Introduction     Mary Shelley: A Very Short Introduction      Violence: A Very Short Introduction