What's new in May 2022

May 26, 2022

Four new Introductions have been published this month. Find out more:

  • Evangelicalism: A Very Short Introduction, by John G. Stackhouse Jr., tells the evangelical story from the preacher-led revivals of the eighteenth century, through the frontier camp meetings of the nineteenth, to the mass urban rallies of the twentieth and the global megachurches of the twenty-first.  

  • Ludwig van Beethoven: A Very Short Introduction, by Mark Evan Bonds, examines Beethoven’s consistent attitude towards his art which is remarkable considering the difficulties he faced in life. This inner consistency provides the key to understanding the composer’s life and works more than 250 years after his birth in 1770.  

  • The Spartans: A Very Short Introduction, by Andrew J. Bayliss, separates myth from reality to reveal the best—and the worst—of the Spartans. This VSI reveals key aspects of Spartan society, including their civic structure, day-to-day lifestyle, and traditions..   

  • Theodor W. Adorno: A Very Short Introduction, by Andrew Bowie, studies the life and work of German philosopher and cultural theorist Theodor Adorno. It explains his most important ideas, and the historical, cultural, and political context of his writings.

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           Evangelicalism: A Very Short Introduction               Ludwig van Beethoven: A Very Short Introduction               The Spartans: A Very Short Introduction               Theodor W. Adorno: A Very Short Introduction