Back to University with Very Short Introductions

September 8, 2021

To help you get ready to go back to University, discover the curated reading guide: 'Back to University with Very Short Introductions' which features some of our top Very Short Introductions. Each volume provides an authoritative and engaging assessment of a concept, field, or body of work, combining facts, analysis, new insights, and enthusiasm to make often challenging topics highly readable. And with over 700 titles available there's plenty to choose from whatever your area of study! Each featured VSI also has a chapter made freely accessible for a limited time, for you to enjoy before the new term begins.

Sociology: A Very Short Introduction

'Drawing on studies of social class, crime and deviance, education, work in bureaucracies, and changes in religious and political organizations, Sociology: A Very Short Introduction explores the tension between the individual’s place in society and society’s role in shaping the individual, and demonstrates the value of sociology for understanding the modern world. It outlines the unique vision of sociology and shows that much social theory is actually philosophy or literary theory...'



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