What's new in April 2021

April 22, 2021

Four new Introductions have been published this month, including one new edition. Find out more:

  • Arbitration: A Very Short Introduction, by Thomas Schultz and Thomas Grant, explains what arbitration is, how it works, what parties who have agreed to go to arbitration should expect, the relationship between arbitration and the law, and the politics of arbitration.  
  • Coral Reefs: A Very Short Introduction (new edition), by Charles Sheppard, examines reefs and the coral life that builds them, which for centuries were a source of mystery to naturalists and hazard to seafarers. This new edition illustrates how local impacts and pressures from pollution to overfishing have degraded and damaged many, and more recently, warming of ocean water resulting from climate change is causing an existential threat to the survival of this rich ecosystem.  
  • Philosophy of Physics: A Very Short Introduction, by David Wallace, explores the core topics of philosophy of physics through three key themes: the nature of space and time; the origin of irreversibility and probability in the physics of large systems; how we can make sense of quantum mechanics.   
  • Samurai: A Very Short Introduction, by Michael Wert, is a book about the samurai from their origins in the eighth and ninth centuries until their demise in the mid-nineteenth century. It describes samurai life, work, philosophy, and warfare as it changed over time and covers what samurai were doing when they weren’t fighting.

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           Arbitration: A Very Short Introduction               Coral Reefs: A Very Short Introduction (2nd edn)               Philosophy of Physics: A Very Short Introduction               Samurai: A Very Short Introduction