What's new in August 2021

August 26, 2021

Three new Introductions have been published this month, including two new editions. Find out more:

  • Atheism: A Very Short Introduction (new edition), by Julian Baggini, discusses the case for atheism. Atheism is often seen as simply a rejection of theism, but it encompasses so much more. This VSI portrays atheists as typically naturalists, who believe that meaning and morality are possible in a finite, natural world.  
  • Blasphemy: A Very Short Introduction, by Yvonne Sherwood, studies the concept of blasphemy. In an increasingly secular world, ‘blasphemy’ is surely a defunct concept; and yet blasphemy (like God and religion) seems to be on the rise. This VSI asks why this should be the case.  
  • Climate Change: A Very Short Introduction (new edition), by Mark Maslin, examines the science, the history, and the politics of climate change. Drawing on the latest science from the recent IPCC reports, this latest edition examines the potential catastrophic impacts of climate change in the future.   


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                                   Atheism: A Very Short Introduction (2nd edn)               Blasphemy: A Very Short Introduction                Climate Change: A Very Short Introduction (4th edn)