What's new in July 2021

July 22, 2021

Five new Introductions have been published this month, including one new edition. Find out more:

  • Amphibians: A Very Short Introduction, by T. S. Kemp, discusses amphibian evolution, adaptations, and biology. From frogs, toads, newts, and salamanders, to the lesser-known caecilians, there are over 8,000 species of amphibians alive today and this VSI explores their complexities. 
  • Competition and Antitrust Law: A Very Short Introduction, by Ariel Ezrachi, draws on case studies from across the EU and USA to examine the benefits of competition and the laws which safeguard competitive markets. This VSI elucidates the key challenges to competition and looks at the policy considerations which affect competition law enforcement. 
  • Diplomatic History: A Very Short Introduction (new edition), by Joseph M. Siracusa, introduces the subject of diplomatic history, the critical study of the management of relations between nation-states. Based on significant historical case studies such as, the diplomacy of the American Revolution, the diplomatic origins of the Great War and its aftermath Versailles, and the personal summitry behind the night Stalin and Churchill divided Europe.
  • Habeas Corpus: A Very Short Introduction, by Amanda L. Tyler, chronicles the storied writ of habeas corpus and how it spread from England throughout the British Empire and beyond, witnessing its use today all around the world. The book traces its historical development as a part of the common law and as grounded in the English Habeas Corpus Act of 1679. 
  • Jewish Literature: A Very Short Introduction, by Ilan Stavans, explores modern Jewish literature from 1492 to the early twenty-first century, rotating around the concept of aterritoriality to appreciate the diasporic journey Jews have embarked on across geographic and linguistic spheres to the present day. At the center are canonical figures like Franz Kafka, Isaac Babel, Bruno Schulz, Anne Frank, Martin Buber, Hannah Arendt, and more. 


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