What's new in June 2021

June 24, 2021

Three new Introductions have been published this month, including one new edition. Find out more:

  • Henry James: A Very Short Introduction, by Susan L. Mizruchi, studies various fictional and nonfictional works by James that had a major impact on the literary culture of his time and ever since. It places Henry James’s notoriously difficult writings in their historical and biographical context.  
  • Horror: A Very Short Introduction, by Darryl Jones, argues that horror, while it is often understood as a disreputable popular cultural form, is in fact a major component of human civilization and culture. It also argues that Horror is an important part of what it means to be human, and an important means of understanding the world.  
  • Plague: A Very Short Introduction (new edition), by Paul Slack, explores the historical and social impact of plague from the earliest times. This edition demonstrates the influence of plague on modern notions of government and public health, examining how plague has been interpreted in different times and place.   


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                                   Henry James: A Very Short Introduction               Horror: A Very Short Introduction (2nd edn)               Plague: A Very Short Introduction