What's new in May 2021

May 27, 2021

Four new Introductions have been published this month. Find out more:

  • Biochemistry: A Very Short Introduction, by Mark Lorch, discusses the key concepts of biochemistry, as well as the historical figures in the field and the molecules they studied. It considers the current science and innovations in the field and also looks at the interaction between biochemistry, biotechnology, and synthetic biology.  

  • Creativity: A Very Short Introduction, by Vlad Glăveanu, explores the history, theory, and practice of creativity from a psychological perspective. It addresses the meaning and value of creativity beyond its contribution to economic growth and personal well-being.  

  • Human Physiology: A Very Short Introduction, by Jamie A. Davies, explores how the human body works, senses, reacts, and defends itself. Physiology is the science of life. It considers how human bodies are supplied with energy, how they maintain their internal parameters, the ways in which they gather and process information or take action, and the creation of new generations.   

  • Refugees: A Very Short Introduction, by Gil Loescher, explores the causes and impact of today's refugee crises for receiving states and societies, for global order, and for refugees themselves. Refugees and other forced migrants are one of the great challenges in the world today.

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           Biochemistry: A Very Short Introduction               Creativity: A Very Short Introduction               Human Physiology: A Very Short Introduction               Refugees: A Very Short Introduction