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  • David Norman

The Griffin and Protoceratops 5

‘Comparison of Griffin and Protoceratops’, from Adrienne Mayor, The First Fossil Hunters: Dinosaurs, Mammoths, and Myth in Greek and Roman Times (Princeton University Press, 2011), drawings by Ed Heck


The Geological Timescale 8

© David Norman


Iguanodon teeth 19

© David Norman


The ‘Mantel-piece’ 21

© David Norman


Archaeopteryx: a beautifully preserved skeleton with feather impressions 29

Natural History Museum, Berlin. © imageBROKER/Alamy Stock Photo


Iguanodon, skeletal reconstruction in Brussels c.1880 33

© Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Brussels


Dinosaur cladogram 74

© David Norman


Some Jurassic dinosaurs 79

© John Sibbick


CT scans of hadrosaur skulls revealing their internal cavities 134

D. C. Evans et al., ‘Endocranial Anatomy of Lambeosaurine Hadrosaurids (Dinosauria: Ornithischia): A Sensorineural Perspective on Cranial Crest Function’, The Anatomical Record 292: 1315–37, 2009) © Wiley Periodicals, Inc, and WitmerLab at Ohio University


Allosaurus: showing the lines of stress and strain that are induced in the skull bones when the virtual skull is modelled biting food 137

From D. Fastovsky and D. Weishampel, The Evolution and Extinction of the Dinosaurs (2005) © Cambridge University Press


Dinosaur body-size evolution through time 146

David Norman—modified from Roger Benson et al. 2015


Evidence for bias in the collection of dinosaur fossils across geological time 147

David Norman—adapted from figure 1 in Richard J. Butler, Roger B. J. Benson, Matthew T. Carrano, Philip D. Mannion, and Paul Upchurch, ‘Sea Level, Dinosaur Diversity and Sampling Biases: Investigating the “Common Cause” Hypothesis in the Terrestrial Realm’, Proceedings of the Royal Society B 278, by permission of the Royal Society. DOI: 10.1098/rspb.2010.1754


The K-Pg Extinction. All non-avian dinosaurs became extinct 66 Ma. But many groups survived—precisely why, and how, remains a mystery 149

© David Norman

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